Pental Ltd has raised an additional $424,500 via Shortfall Shares through M&A Partners and Patersons Securities Ltd following its successful Rights Issue.

Monday, 4th March 2013


Issue of Shortfall Shares under Rights Issue
Pental Limited (formerly Symex Holdings Limited) (Pental or Company, ASX code: PTL) advises that, following its successful Rights Issue it has placed 26,300,003 Shortfall Shares through Patersons Securities Limited and M&A Partners. In addition is has placed 2,000,000 shares to an investor who applied for shares outside the deadline for placing the shortfall. Pental has raised $424,500 from this process exclusive of costs.

About Pental Limited

Pental is Australia’s largest manufacturer of soap, supplying its own brands of Country Life, Natural Selections, Sunlight, Velvet, Knights Castile and Lux Flakes, together with the sale of icon brands such as White King, Janola Jiffy Firelighters, Softly premium wool wash, Huggie fabric softener, Country Homestead wool mix, Sureguard moth and silverfish repellent, Hi Speed iron cleaner and Close Up and Aim toothpastes. More information on Pental is available at: